Brass Adjustable Tea Light Resin Burner (Nickel-Plated) - Frankincense Pure
Brass Adjustable Tea Light Resin Burner (Nickel-Plated) - Frankincense Pure

Brass Adjustable Tea Light Resin Burner (Nickel-Plated)

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Relax with the heavenly aroma of frankincense with this stylish handmade brass nickel-plated tea light burner kit. The adjustable burner height lets you control how much heat you apply to your resins for either a stronger or gentler aroma. We personally added our design touch to this exquisite brass collection. Experience the warmth of a home and the luxury of a spa with the beautiful aromas of this stylish burner kit. Crafted and finished with a nickel-plated brass, this adjustable burner sustains the perfect heat for your resin incenses. An embodiment of style and comfort, you'll never have to compromise when creating your sanctuary.

Need a gift? Give a Kit. 

Our popular kit collections are great value and make the perfect gift for frankincense and myrrh lovers.

Kit Items

1 x Handmade Brass Tea Light Burner with Dish | Height: 11cm | Nickel-Plated

1 x 50g Frankincense | Oman | Boswellia Sacra (Hojari)


Enjoy a pair of FREE mini tongs (stainless steel) to safely rotate your resins on top of your Tea Light Burner

Enjoy a FREE wooden coaster

* Please note: candle not included (this is for photographic purposes)


Safety & Storage


Resins are a natural product and need to be stored with care.  Store in a cool, dry place away from UV sunlight exposure.


Here at Frankincense Pure we only recommend burning frankincense and myrrh resins. We understand there may be people who choose to chew or ingest, however, we are not medically trained and can only recommend resin to be enjoyed by being burnt safely – on either a charcoal or tea light incense burner, for aromatic purposes. 

To safely burn incense, either on charcoal or in a tea light incense burner, ensure it’s out of sight and reach of children and pets and that the area is well ventilated.  Never leave your burner unattended and always ensure your burner is placed and remains on a heat proof surface when in use, away from all flammable items.  Brass, stainless steel and similar type burners remain HOT when in use, never handle when in use.