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Frankincense | TRIO VALUE PACK 150g | Boswellia Sacra & Boswellia Carterii

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 ⭐️ Boswellia Sacra Royal Green Hojari and Boswellia Carterii are sustainably and ethically harvested at fair market rates. These resins have naturally fallen from the trees without any tapping. Love for earth with 100% compostable pouches. ⭐️

Looking for something extra special?  Our TRIO Value Pack is the perfect way to experience all THREE of our Frankincense resins.  

Mix two or three types together to create an aroma that's perfect for you, and enjoy the aromatic effects of these cherished gems.

Our value pack collections are great value and make the perfect gift for frankincense lovers.

Our value packs contain "small to medium size resins".  If you're looking for "large to extra large size resin", check out our individual product range.

If burning on charcoal, we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes to allow the charcoal to cool before placing your resin on top.  This helps to release the oil content without burning the resin with intense heat.

If burning in a tealight burner and you prefer smaller sized resins, we recommend using a hand mortar and pestle (or similar tool) to create your desired size (if required).

Value Pack Items

1 x 50g Frankincense | Oman | Boswellia Sacra (Royal Green Hojari)

1 x 50g Frankincense | Oman | Boswellia Sacra (Hojari)

1 x 50g Frankincense | Somalia | Boswellia Carterii

Storage & Safety


Resins are a natural product and need to be stored with care.  Store in a cool, dry place away from UV sunlight exposure.


Here at Frankincense Pure we only recommend burning frankincense and myrrh resins. We understand there may be people who choose to chew or ingest, however, we are not medically trained and can only recommend resin to be enjoyed by being burnt safely – on either a charcoal or tealight incense burner, for aromatic purposes. 

To safely burn incense, either on charcoal or in a tealight incense burner, ensure it’s out of sight and reach of children and pets and that the area is well ventilated.  Never leave your burner unattended and always ensure your burner is placed and remains on a heat proof surface when in use, away from all flammable items.  Brass, stainless steel and similar type burners remain HOT when in use, never handle when in use.